Mogmurch is Female Goblin. No longer Licktoad, Mogmurch promises.


Mogmurch is a fairly clever goblin, formerly of the Licktoad Tribe. The Goblin-Bounty hunters cut her right ear off to collect the bounty on her head, but spared her life in exchange for vital information about the Licktoad Camp, recent confrontations with some strangely behaving undead, and the location of some treasures acquired from the nearby Kaijitsu Star wreck.


Mogmurch once loyal Licktoad, but adventurers made Mogmurch promise to leave Licktoads forever. She told them all the things, just like they asked! All about the skellys that came and scared us lots! We took their things, then gave them back. Man, was it scary. Adventurers came and Mogmurch told them all things, and promised never to call herself Licktoad again. Then they cut off her ear. It hurt so much, and Mogmurch cried. Adventurers were mean and did not care how bad they hurt Mogmurch. Mogmurch misses her ear, but is happy to be alive. Mogmurch is a little lonely, and misses all her goblin friends. Maybe she will find new tribe!


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