Kira-Kira Nishiyama

Bookish Tian Sandpoint Local


Kira-kira is a young, sheltered woman with white hair, a delicate complexion, a noticeable Tian accent, and heterochromatic eyes — one amber, one blue. Her family owns the bookstore, Forgotten Tales, just around the corner from the Rusty Dragon. Her grandmother, Yuuki, is an oracle and retired adventurer with close ties to Ameiko. The entire Nishiyama clan is very protective of Kira-Kira, and though she is hungry for a taste of the adventuring life, she will have to do some fancy footwork to depart Sandpoint. She has a close friendship with Malek. Like her grandmother, Yuuki, Kira-Kira is an oracle, though her powers are new and untested. She is exceptionally curious, very knowledgeable, and approaches most things with an enthusiastic joie de vie.


Kira-Kira Nishiyama

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