Welcome, players!
As you read through the Player’s Guide, and begin dreaming up who you will become for this adventure, I would like to provide some resources for you to utilize as much or as little as suits you.

Here is a list of flaws.
Flaws have two benefits: they give depth and direction to your character, and they also provide the mechanical benefit of access to more feats at first level. I will be requiring each of you to take at least one that is relevant to your character, in exchange for a trait. If you choose to take an additional flaw, you will be rewarded with two traits and a feat. Please discuss your flaws with me, as some (such as Amnesia) are going to be blacklisted.

These One Hundred Questions are an excellent resource for fleshing out your character. You are by no means obligated or expected to answer them all, though if you have a particularly good time with some of your answers, feel free to incorporate any response you wish in your official character summary.

Along a similar line, the Ten Minute Character Background is a slightly less comprehensive approach than the One Hundred Questions, but provides a lot of the same material. I would strongly urge you each to complete this exercise, and include the bulk of what you discover about your characters in your official character histories and background. You may also submit your discoveries to me privately, if there are items you wish to keep between your character and the GM. As your GM, this information will be invaluable to me as I shape the adventure to you, my adventurers.

You will all begin with a 15 point buy, but you have the option to boost yourselves to 20 points of buy to start if you provide me with your ten minute character background as linked on the Obsidian Portal. Please submit your “secrets” (anything you wish to hide from any/all of the other PC’s) to me privately, if you choose this option.

If you do any of the following, I will give you max gold to start:

Draw me a picture of your character or provide me with a detailed physical description — I am probably going to try my hand at portraits of all of you, but feel free to save me the work! I’m not super amazing or anything, but I’ll do my best. At the end of the adventure, you guys can have your portraits, if you like them.

Tell me a story from the point of view of your character — brownie points if it involves one of our named NPC’s in the players guide (if you’re from Sandpoint) or another named NPC from the Pathfinder world (if you’re from Elsewhere).

Cooperatively tell me a story (with another PC) about the relationship you share with that PC. This will mean coordinating your back stories with each other.

Write me an NPC your character knows or wishes to know or meet or duel or something, who does not appear in the players guide. It is possible he or she will get his or her wish. This could be a hero of your character’s or a hermit/sage/guru living in a monastery/mountain pass/under a bush somewhere. Be creative. I have volunteers to come do cameos for us on occasion (some of whom have REALLY GREAT theatre chops), and I’d like them to be the people your PC’s dream of meeting/murdering/marrying/whatever. Your NPC can be a rival, a villain, a love interest, a hero, a spirit guide, a dead relative’s ghost… seriously. Anything your little hearts desire.

If you guys have questions or concerns about any of that, let me know! Please (Pretty Please!) openly discuss your character concepts with me and each other. Inspire one another!

I hope you find these resources helpful! I can’t wait to see what you all do!

As a heads up, I will be upgrading our campaign to an Ascendant account at the nearest possible opportunity, so that we all can have access to the full features, including secret-sharing with your GM (hi!), the forums, and other special tasty items. So, keep an eye open in the meantime!